Who are we?

Davy Daniëls

Managing Director and Co-founder

Entrepreneur, manager and extremely knowledgeable about beer. Has spent his entire working life in the beer world. Launched Amburon in 2009 and started the Anders brewery with Bart Durtlet in 2011. Organises the annual Ambierorix Bierfestival beer festival in Tongeren on the first weekend in August. First point of contact for sales and marketing.

T: +32 496 022 458
E: davy@amburonbelgiancraftbrewery.be

Bert Housen

Master Brewer

Scion of a farming dynasty. Trained as a bio-technologist at Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg. Employed as a brewer at brouwerij Anders for five years. Trained by Bart Durlet. Believes in cross-fertilisation and likes to brew in collaboration with other inspiring brewers. Thoroughly enjoys developing new beer recipes.

E: bert@amburonbelgiancraftbrewery.be

Jan Jacobs

Representative and Co-founder

Entrepreneur, managed his own Human Resource Management business for 21 years. Lover of Belgian specialty beers. That is why, in 2015, he graduated from the SYNTRA institute in Flanders as a zythologue – a beer connoisseur – and decided that this is where his future ambitions would lie. He is working with the brewery in a supportive role, specifically aimed at the distribution of TUNGRI in the Netherlands.

T: +31 653 380 170
E: jan@amburonbelgiancraftbrewery.be

Jos Daniëls

Representative for the Tongeren area

Davy’s father. Has spent many years working in the alcoholic drinks and beer trade. Easing down into retirement but finds the brewery too good an opportunity to miss. Provides support with much enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Carlo De Baere


Engineering and marketing background, experienced manager. Currently employed as General Manager for a Canadian firm, an importer of forestry machinery. Just like Jan, gripped by the beer virus during his training. Co-founder of our company, providing support from the sidelines.